Let me get this straight, being online and social media marketing today is critical to brand building. You’re reading this article online and chances are you’re reading this on a social platform.

With brands fighting hard for the digital attention of users, it helps to build a physical tangible connection. How do you reach out and break the social media clutter in this deeply-digital-yet-emotional-connection-craving landscape?

The Matrix of Networking

"The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work."- Robert Kiyosaki

One approach to improve and grow your business is by attending networking events. You step outside your comfort zone to meet like-minded people, promote your brand, collaborate with other businesses and even brainstorm with experienced professionals.

Good events to network are the ones which have a narrow yet deep audience profile and has the right amount of people, 30 - 200 is the right size. Some of these are mentioned below -

BNI - They run weekly networking events for professionals. Very engaging and can be helpful when you’re starting out.

TiE - TiE organizes some very relevant events throughout the year, great for start-ups enthusiasts and young entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur India Congress - The Entrepreneur magazine runs an India focused event that brings together entrepreneurs and business leaders from different industries.

Kyoorius Design Yatra - This for the creative entrepreneur. I like this conference for its narrow focus on design.

Web Summit - This is a global conference, although its massive, there are definitely some interesting connections to gain.

Note - This strategy works only very early on - for start-ups or young brands. While this is good to build initial connections, you should always know when this starts becoming a futile exercise.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Guerrilla marketing strategies are unconventional and low-cost ideas to promote the brand and stand out from the crowd. The main point is that the marketing tactics are done on the street or in public places to attract attention. This strategy was created by Jay Conrad Levinson in his 1984 book ‘Guerrilla Marketing’.

Brands can use creative ways to target a pool of audience and generate attention. One such cost-effective type of Guerrilla Marketing is street marketing. This involves creative ways to distribute product samples or promotional branded products.

Marketing to existing customers

Your existing customers are your best future clients. If nurtured correctly through correct educational marketing and relationship building, they have the power to give references and recommendations to other people.

Brands often neglect them and fail to build an emotional connection. Delivering the promised product or service is going as far, the real relationship is built when brands go further.

This can be done via sending direct offline mailers; using festivals, holiday season and New Years as a theme. The sharpest brands understand this, they use welcome kits, promotional direct mailers, and other custom products to engage and market current clients.

Power of freebies

In his book, "Influence: Power of persuasion", the author Robert B. Cialdini describes what he calls The Rule of Reciprocity.

The Rule of Reciprocity firmly states that we are all bound — even driven — to repay debts of all kinds. Someone does something for you, then you feel obligated to repay. It's an almost automatic reaction.

We feel this rule at play everywhere around us. You decided to cover for a co-worker so he could go on a leave, then later when you went for a leave, how could he say no.

An article in the Journal of Marketing proved that people who got free product samples and freebies talked 20% more about it than those who didn't. They also are more likely to buy your product irrespective the cost, which is further validated by the consumer Behavioral theory.

5by7 helps companies use the power of freebies and promotional products to connect with their audience and build a brand.

In Conclusion

Creating a lasting impression of your brand is the most important aspect of positive branding. Implement these methods of branding and watch your products and services grow over time.



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