Bringing a new employee into the organization feels a lot like welcoming a new family member. You have to show the new one around, make them feel part of the group and ultimately turn them into productive assets. It has been studied that 69% of new hires are more likely to stick back with a company for at least 3 years after a great onboarding experience; employee joining kits included. A make or break first time experience, while you may get a second chance it’s less likely to work if the hire has had a lousy first time.

So it is time for brands to embrace the art of onboarding kits by doing it the right way. An open heart and a bunch of free employee swag can make all the difference on the first day of a new employee. Here is a list of 10 companies who have raised the bar for onboarding kits:

1. Go The Extra Mile-Cactus

Onboarding Kit

A whole lot of effort is directed towards finding great talent, which is why Cactus goes the extra mile to welcome new employees into their family. As a part of their onboarding kit for new employees on the table, a hire will find immaculately lined a kit of goodies. Custom t-shirts, a pen, USB, custom copper letterpress that doubles as a nameplate and a stunning book.

This kind of employee swag shows where brands really need to invest.

2. Promote Company Culture- Ogilvy & Mather

Promote Company Culture

Onboarding kit ideas in a box, Ogilvy & Mather an advertising and PR brand creates a unique induction box for its new employees. Inspired by its founder David Ogilvy's eight habits of creative people, the box includes a slinky toy, a USB, a customized hardbound diary, a floor plan of their respective office and a copy of Ogilvy’s book.

A great way onboarding kit idea for new joiners to learn about the company’s history, values and culture the box is an ideology inspired kit.

3. Spark Employee Engagement-Percolate

Promotional Kit

A marketing technology company, Percolate shows brands how investing in assets like new employees can be a rewarding experience. Their onboarding kit is an entire journey where a goodies package is sent to the new joiner beforehand as a congratulatory gesture. The freebies include branded employee gifts like a customized branded t-shirt, a mug, a tote bag, a Kindle, granola bars and a handwritten letter.

A step as small as this can bridge the gap between talent acquisition and talent management. Onboarding kit swag, on the other hand, is more workstation oriented. Branded promotional items like notebooks, stick-on and a customized branded mouse pad are some of the many things neatly placed on the desk. Each piece adorns the brand name printed in bold hues.

4. Tap Gen Z- Social Chain

Employee Kits

A social media agency, Social Chain is welcoming its new-age millennial hires with branded employee swag and a bottle of Bacardi. Nailing two birds with a stone, the agency is not just selling Bacardi, a brand that might be doing business with them but also making onboarding a super fun experience for shy newbies.

In the onboarding kit for new employees apart from the bottle of Bacardi, you will find a branded sweatshirt, stationery, and a social media bible. The first day for a new hire needs to be interactive, fun and informative, a brief Social Chain has nailed!

5. Ace Brand Marketing and Onboarding- Dialpad

Employee Welcome Kit

There is so much at stake during a new hire’s first week of joining. Making this scary overwhelming experience a memorable one, Dialpad uses brand integration as a part of their onboarding experience for new hires.

A business communication platform, Dialpad engages their new employees with a brand logo printed metal water bottle, t-shirt, hardbound notepad, and a ceramic mug. A brand where communication is key, they subtly collide onboarding and marketing with their employee onboarding welcome kit.

6. Evolving Branded Swag-Element Three

Branded Swag

Unexpected things get people excited and that’s the key behind Element Three’s fun onboarding kit. Each new hire is welcomed with a custom designed box with E3 swag and information. The box is curated with jargons, games and hidden messages to add an element of fun as the new joiner is inducted to E3’s culture.

In the employee onboarding welcome kit is a water bottle, a t-shirt printed with their core value, notebooks printed with core values, branded pencils and a vintage keychain with keys to their respective office. Apart from this, they get a personalized welcome message from the President of E3, a map of the office, an onboarding task sheet and a paperweight smiley! Onboarding kit ideas like these are what strike a chord between the brand and new employees.

7. Doing More Than Just HR- FanDuel

Company Swag

A daily fantasy sports provider, FanDuel warms new employees with an onboarding kit that connects them to the company. The new employee will find two brand-embroidered sweatshirts, a Macbook, branded office supplies, and toy-sport balls as a part of their onboarding kit.

Their onboarding employee swag is a huge hit among newbies who feel the warmth of the company on their very first day.

8. Boost Brand Integration- TransPerfect

Community Swag

This translation and service providing company welcome their new employees by taking them on a journey of perfection. Focusing on working related branded employee gifts their immaculate onboarding kit for new hires includes: a water bottle, headphones, stationery, and a coffee mug.

Each product has the company logo printed in bold. When the onboarding experience for new hires is well thought of it boosts employer brand by overpowering traditional marketing methods.

9. Exude Warmth and Care-DDB San Francisco

Employee Kit

Bagging the title of giving the warmest onboarding experience for new hires, DDB San Francisco sends a car to pick up their new employee on their first day of work. Furthermore, a bouquet of fresh flowers, a branded water bottle, and hoodies wait on their workstation before they arrive.

Giving branded employee gifts will make new employees promoters of the brand even outside work, but here’s a little extra newbies get at DDB. A gift card to the local coffee shop where they can meet and get acquainted with their co-workers at ease.

10. Beat Employee Blues - Content Park

Corporate Kit

As new hires get acquainted with their workplace and new role, Content Park curates an onboarding kit with what they call, ‘ everything they will need’. The contents of their garb kit include a packet of coffee, a journal, a shirt, a superhero figurine, a fitness tracker and other office supplies.

A content and blogging company, Content Park believes their onboarding experience for new hires should be unique and heavily relying on employee advocacy.

Onboarding is a tedious process but these 10 brands went the extra mile to help their new hires acclimatize to their role in the company. They give some of the most impressive onboarding kits and it’s time to learn from the best. Use these onboarding kit ideas to foster a warm and lasting employee experience.

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