Building a successful startup requires a perfect storm of opportunity and target audience acceptance, spiked with a dash of innovation and supported by an incredible amount of hard work. Just creating brand recognition can be an incredibly challenging task. Giveaways can help, but it’s essential that you use the right products imbued with remarkable design. In order to stand out, you must break out of the norm.

The Reality of Most Giveaways

Giveaway products have long been used as a way to build brand recognition and attract eyeballs. Logoed products used in the real world provide myriad opportunities for branding and increasing market awareness. However, too many companies take the wrong route when choosing the products used within giveaway campaigns.

Sure, we know you need to find something that’s cost-effective, yet has at least modest appeal for your target audience. You need something that’s easily transportable, and that will actually serve a role in your audience’s daily life.

Giveaway Products

Sadly, that usually means going with boring, staid, (dare we say tawdry?) products. Can koozies, keychains, coasters and the like are absolutely everywhere.

Unfortunately, the very factors that make these appealing options, to startups looking to build brand recognition, make them less than stellar choices for that very purpose. Your audience doesn’t need yet another koozie or coaster. They certainly don’t want yet more useless clutter in their office, car, or home. It can feel like a lose-lose proposition, but there is hope.

Best Brand Campaigns

Remarkable design combined with in-depth industry knowledge can result in the creation of giveaway products that bolster brand recognition and market share with intrinsic appeal to your key audience. It allows you to go beyond the glut of mass-produced, uninteresting, low-quality products out there.

What Does Remarkable Design Mean, Though?

Remarkable design is thoughtful. It is detail-focused. It is apparent when someone touches a promotional product and thinks to themselves, “Wow, this is actually nice!” However, it goes beyond high-quality production and touches on how that product ties into your brand, your mission, and your company’s ethos and personality.

Best Giveaway Ideas

It’s about more than just slapping your logo on a product and calling it a day.

The very nature of the product should speak to a key need of your audience, but also touch on a core element of your organization. For instance, an IT firm could provide branded USB drives, or logoed tablet cases. An automotive brand could benefit from remarkable quality wallets or thoughtfully designed keychains.

Best Giveaways

Giveaway products must be cost-effective, and for many decision-makers, that can seem to imply that remarkable design and affordable product options cannot coexist. Thankfully, that’s untrue. Not only is it possible to combine remarkable design, high product quality, and an affordable per-unit price, but it is simpler than you think.

Promotional Giveaways

At 5by7, we work with businesses large and small to tell their brand story through remarkable products and thoughtful design. We provide startups with cost-effective tools that build their brand and enhance market recognition.



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