Everyone’s favorite encyclopedia, Wikipedia can walk you through 100,000 ideas about team kits, where to find them and the history of corporate gifting. But any employer who focuses on the happiness of their employees will know rewards are more than just paychecks.

Employee Kits

As a boss, finding the best team gifts can mean meandering around various questions: Should I be innovative? How much should I spend? Will it be worth the investment?

To sum it all up, yes team kits are an awesome way to connect your brand with the employees and them with each other. Use these branded team gifts during events, team-building activities or promotional products to educate your employees about the company culture.

Here are some of our favorite ideas about team kits that your employees will actually love:

1. For The Intern

Team building activities play a huge role in acclimatizing new employees and interns with other fellow employees. If you see them lugging backpacks to meetings, help them be more professional with a sleek leather folio. This zipper leather folio is ideal to hold a laptop, phone and office essentials in place.

2. For Employees Always On The Go

Team kits have long been used as promotional giveaways by brands to boost brand loyalty. Products with logos in the corporate world provide organizations with opportunities to increase brand awareness both outside and inside the company. However, brand publicity shouldn’t be your main agenda.

Happy teams of employees who feel loved, valued and appreciated equate a better workplace environment. This is why a sleek gift box is an ideal gift for a team offsite. A combination of a handcrafted cardholder and a slick credit card power bank will be their nifty go-to while traveling.

3. For Employees To Share a Break Together

Team kits need to serve a dual purpose of being actually useful in your employee’s life and build brand loyalty. Unfortunately, these factors make employers choose boring products like key chains and pens. The very sound of it makes us feel blah! Your employees don’t need yet another logoed key chain that is mass-produced and serves no purpose in their life.

Instead, a remarkably curated coffee box packed with gourmet coffee beans and other goodies will unify the team as they share a hot cuppa during break hours. Gift an experience that ties your company’s personality with the strings of your employees.

4. For Over-Enthusiastic Employees

The very nature of your team kit must tell a story. Signifying unity and oneness just like a football or cricket team, your team of employees too need to share an intrinsic relationship with the brand. This allows you to go beyond the crammy market of low quality and boring employee products out there.

Celebrate a company event by giving out chic unisex branded polo t-shirts to your employees. Personalize each t-shirt with unique quotes apt for the team and watch how it synergizes the team as one. For IT guys it can be something like: We Make IT Happen.

5. For the After Party

After a tiring day of team events comes the happy hours. To mark a successful product launch or a company event, this Lit AF box is both unique and thoughtful. A ceramic hip flask for the koozie aficionados, a muddler, an ice tray and more will make your teams go wow!

We at 5by7, work with businesses of all scales to help create one-of-a-kind products that tell a story of their own. So if you are hunting for remarkable team kits, we have hunted down 5 of our best for you.



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