One of mankind's oldest skills, embroidery is the art of adorning fabrics with needles, thread, and embellishments. A modest method of using basic stitching techniques, today the scope of embroidery has expanded to a tremendous scale.

While in distant areas small enterprises still practice the art of hand embroidery, medium and large-scale enterprises have expanded their horizon to machines that mimic hand embroidery to the last stitch. The equipment is a one-time investment but the process is relatively faster and cheaper while offering endless possibilities.

Bonus tip: A great way to add creative excellence and customization to a product, businesses often use embroidery techniques to increase brand awareness, identity and customer reach as a marketing tactic.

Pros and Cons of Embroidery

The Pros:

• Machine embroidery is super convenient. Upload your final design pattern on the computer and let the machine do the rest.

• Saving both time and money, this method is quick and efficient.

• Since the embroidery is done using a digitalized machine, the turn around time for orders is much faster as compared to other printing methods.

• Human errors and design mistakes are almost negligible in this method.

The Cons:

• Possibly the only con of using machine embroidery is the lack of creativity. Since pre-made patterns are fed onto the computer each design and piece is uniform. The products lack uniqueness and creativity that can be found in hand-embroidery.

The Verdict:

If as a business you are looking for high-quality, uniform products that are cost-effective and quick, machinery embroidery should be your go-to choice. The pros outweigh the cons making it a desirable choice.

Embroidery vs. Screen Printing

When choosing a method for customizing promotional goods, there are two main concerns: Which method is cheaper and better?


Price depends on the size of the ordered and complexity of the logo. For a small basic pocket-sized logo, in lesser quantities embroidery is cheaper than screen-printing. If the logo is multicolored, separate screens have to be set up for each color, pushing up the production cost.

Large logos for bulk t-shirts and jerseys are more practical choices for screen-printing.

Best Results:

When comparing the qualitative aspect of both the methods, the choice of garment is pivotal. Embroidery adds a regal touch to a product, but also adds weight. Promotional merchandises like caps, polo shirts, business shirts as uniforms are more visually appealing when the logo is embroidered.

For t-shirts and lightweight fabrics, embroidery stitches weigh down the material. In this area of logo customization, screen-printing is a more suited option.


Embroidery is a better choice for small orders of business uniforms, caps, polo t-shirts, outwear and heavier fabrics.

Here are the basic fabrics used to create stunning gifts through a computerized embroidery machine:

custom embroidery merchandise

Want to customize t-shirts for your employees, monogram corporate logos on caps or use embroidery on custom gift ideas as corporate giveaways? The possibilities are endless and here are some of the best embroidery fabrics to choose from.

Cotton-Synthetic Blend

A conventional baseball cap used at sports events is made with a cotton-synthetic mix on the outside and stiffening plastic insert on the inside. There are two ways to customize these products. Either an embroidered logo patch is sewn on to the fabric, or, a mix of embroidery with screen-printing is used to replicate complex designs. These are ideal as promotional merchandise at event favors or as a part of employee uniforms.

embroidery Design Ideas


A knit fabric jersey is made from a blend of wool, cotton and synthetic fiber. Easy to customize employee hoodies, the brand logo can be embroidered on this fabric. An ideal corporate gift for employees, individual names can also be embellished along with a brand logo for a personal touch.

embroidery Gifting ideas


A soft and closely woven light fabric, embroidery on linen is often used to customize apparels, home décor items, and bags. The embroidery thread, fabric color, and sizes can be easily adapted as per the client's requirement. With a variety of unique, affordable and elegant gifting ideas, stunning embroidered custom gifts are easy to find for all business sizes.

Corporate embroidery gifts


A soft fabric with a brilliant sheen, silk is one of the finest fabrics available in the textile industry. From opulent embroidered gift bags, monogrammed silk apparel, custom silk ties, pocket squares, and scarves a variety of silk-based products are used for corporate gifting.

Corporate Gifting


Customized leather gifts are trendy and way more durable than other fabrics. Often resilient long-lasting leather is used for embroidered products. Gift ideas like monogrammed leather travel kits; bags and personal accessories are popular choices corporate gift choices for clients.

Branded Swag

Final Result

QUAD. Quality, uniqueness, advertisement, and durability.

A custom embroidered design provides the customer versatility and uniqueness to use it on a variety of products. It is also a great way to put your brand name out there. Employees walking around in custom-made logo shirts send out a great message for the business. Embroidery is an intensive art, machine embroidery makes the design more resistant to wear and tear. Lastly, it's all about the quality. High-quality thread count, bright popping colors and a great design that will help your design stand out.

These are the best reasons why embroidery is vital to businesses that look for custom made gifting products.



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