As a modern-day marketer, you have to be incredibly entrepreneurial in your decisions. Work across business domains, withstand pressure under fast-changing environments and conceptualize marketing strategies that can up your game. In terms of digital growth, 2019 was a great year and 2020 is expected to be better. But knowing all this is futile if you do not make the most of marketing trends in 2020. So here are 7 things to keep in mind that will help you be the best at your role:

As a marketer one of the many hats you need to wear is flexibility. You need to think beyond the terms of profit or revenue. Voice search, according to ComScore, will drive over 50% of searches in 2020. Capitalizing on voice search enables customers to make repeat purchases of a product from the same source.

Content Strategies

Use More Video Content

2019 established the fact that customers respond and consume video content better than any other form. And marketing trends in 2020 have continued to prove it true. One of the most interactive formats of content, live videos keeps audiences hooked three times longer than recorded ones.

Interactive Polls

Buyers today are looking for an experience when they go online, which means they are interested in interacting with a brand. In fact, 91% of buyers are more excited about visual and interactive content than other mediums. Exciting polls, quizzes, and sharable posts work better because they are different. Marketing strategies, put in simple words, works best when users enjoy it.

Content Marketing

Shoppable Posts

Ever since the advent of social media, online marketing has seen new avenues of growth. Shoppable posts are one such activity that drives tremendous business to a brand by reaching out to audiences across the globe. Networks like Instagram have seen merchants do impressive business by making it easy for users to buy directly from a post.

Social Media Marketing

Influencer Marketing Programs

As a marketer who has been a part of the industry for years, influencer marketing can look like a trend that gained popularity overnight. True or not, it is affecting digital growth trends globally for the past decade. With the number of consumers spending time on mobile devices and social media networks, validation from real-life people supplements a brand’s credibility. A marketing strategy that lasted all through 2019 is expected to flourish through 2020 too.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing

Marketing pundits have predicted 2020 to be the year of personalized marketing. In an age where generic advertising has failed to drive connect with audiences; personalization is the route to success. Whether it is through email marketing or offering personalized service, in a survey of 1000, 90% found personalized marketing more appealing. It allows a marketing campaign to connect with users in a more meaningful way.

Influencer Marketing Programs

Conversational Marketing

In a fast-paced environment where customers expect brands to provide them with quick solutions for problems they didn’t even know they had, conversational marketing comes handy. It is a marketing strategy that uses customer feedback and data to drive conversations, improve buyer journey and build loyalty. Instead of sending static text messages, conversational marketing increases personalized conversations in a friendly manner that marketers previously couldn’t.

Conversational Marketing

A new decade calls for new marketing strategies. A take-two on Marketing Trends of 2020, here we help marketers be the best versions of them. For more inspiration, also check Marketing Campaigns That Went Viral in 2019 and more from 5by7 blog to stay on top of your game.



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