The pen is the tongue of the mind’- Horace

Pens an understated corporate gift, have the power to impress when given thoughtfully. Businesses today are looking for employee and client gifts that serve two main purposes: functionality and style. Pens might not be a gift-givers first choice, but writing instruments are used on an average of 64 times per month and make excellent bulk business gifts.

Here’s how you can use the simplicity of pens and turn them into personalized pieces of modern corporate gifting:

Unique Customized Pens

Promotional Pens

Using pens as branded promotional merchandise may sound cliche, but throw in a classic metal finish with unique features and you’ve got yourself a stylish giveaway. The White Matt Pen USB is a great branded gift for men and women. With a sleek matt metal finish, the pen offers a lock-in USB feature that will also keep your data secure.

Another option for unique customized pens is the Pen Pen Drive and Stylus. A pen, pen drive and stylus all in one, this one is a tiny yet might writing instrument. It’s ergonomic and robust design make it ideal for extended periods of writing. With logo engraving options available, these bulk personalized pens are great corporate gifts for clients and employees.

Flamboyant Pens

Promotional stationery

Pens are not just the extensions of our hand; but also reflect our nature and sense of style. If the recipient is a top executive or client, it is important to match all aspects of the pen to their persona. Colour, pattern, and design of the pen play an important role in reflecting the receivers stature. One the most visually striking branded pen online is the Budge Metal Pen. Designed with class and finesse, the pen has a premium black metal body with gold lattice work around the top. This executive worthy pen customized with your brand logo makes an excellent corporate gift for clients.

Bulk Promotional Pens

Bulk Promotional Pens

Did you know that 74% of people keep branded promotional products at their workplace? What better gift to give to a modern employee than something they use every single day! Branded corporate pens like the Pure Soft Touch Gel Pen are easy on the pocket for bulk gifting and when customized with a brand logo it retains the essence of a personalized touch. Available in a variety of bright colors, these gel pens make excellent bulk promotional merchandise to give at events and trade fairs.

Branded Pens

Branded pens

Branded pens by CROSS make beautiful occasion-specific gifts that are well suited for landmark events. The CROSS Century Medalist Ball Pen is one such instrument that will rise to the occasion and make it memorable. Important moments like an employee’s 25th anniversary with the company or a client’s birthday are events that should be celebrated with something beyond ordinary. This 23k gold-plated Ballpoint Pen is designed to inspire visionaries with its iconic silhouette and modern design. With ample engraving space for a company logo, it is more than just your everyday ballpoint pen.

To help eliminate the hassle of finding something great for your clients and employees, we have put together a list of reasons how you can take the simple pen and turn it into a stunning corporate giveaway. If you have bulk requirements or want to check out more customized corporate gifting options just drop by here.



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