Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Employee Engagement Platform

Employees are the biggest asset to any organisation. This isn’t a mere cliché but, in a true sense, the most decisive element in an organisation’s presence in the competitive market. Your organisation can’t progress or meet the set goals if your employees aren’t on board this mission. Over the last few decades, there has been an increased focus on improving Human Capital and prioritising it over everything else in the organisation. With start-up culture on the high and most organisations competing in the human resource-driven industries, they are going out of the way to invest in their employees’ welfare and satisfaction.

As a business committed to growth and edging past the competition, you will need to engage employees in an active and meaningful way. They need to be dedicated to your mission and vision and feel an essential part of your organisation. The idea of attracting employees with high pay and perks and investing heavily on physical infrastructure as a means of attracting and retaining the best workforce is behind our back. This is where investing in an employee engagement platform is a step in the right direction.

What is an Employee Engagement Platform?
Employee engagement tools comprise a set of programs used by organisations to improve job satisfaction and increase productivity. These tools help absorb employees into an organisation’s culture and make them feel a part of it. In most cases, the organisation’s HR team is responsible for implementing the platform and onboarding the employees. There are different ways in which these tools are applied to an organisation, with gamification being one of the strategies that most organisations have off late put their money on. By and large, most organisations focus on creating a vibrant work environment using these tools to foster creativity, competitiveness and team playing attitude.

What are The Benefits of the Employee Engagement Tool?
Employee engagement tools are not ordinary software that is aimed at improving the productivity of your employees. They can solve several problems in your organisation. Let us take you through some of the benefits of the employee engagement tool -

  1. Increased Job Satisfaction – You cannot expect your organisation to be the market leader with an unhappy and demoralised workforce. That’s the primary task of an employee engagement tool, and it is tasked to perform what the name suggests – engage the workforce and keep their morale high. Some think of these platforms as mere chat and messaging software, but it is much more than that. These platforms allow your employees to collaborate on projects and also interact with clients seamlessly.  They can solve problems through collaboration and also clarify their doubts through communication. This will motivate your team members by imbibing a sense of belongingness to the organisation. They are a part of your more extensive journey and the organisation’s mission—all these help increase employee satisfaction and help your organisation chase bigger goals.
  2. Lending Voice To Team Members – Every organisation has diverse skills and viewpoints. This diversity is often the driving force in the organisation. An employee engagement platform allows your team members to express their varied opinions on things that matter to the organisation. For example, suppose you are working on a marketing campaign. In that case, you can use this platform to seek feedback and suggestions from all your employees. Similarly, you can seek their views on the changes to your HR policy. By lending a voice to team members, you will take everybody along as you scale newer heights.
  3. Reduces Attrition – Employees are an asset to every organisation. Losing the best performers hurts the continuity and increases the organisation’s costs in staffing and training costs. Employee attrition is a global phenomenon. While you can beat it, your organisation’s target should be to reduce the rate. Employee engagement platforms can be of great help in improving the retention rate in your organisation. There is more than employees look for in a job apart from salary and other perks. By communicating with them regularly and addressing their problems, you can avoid losing the best people from your organisation.
  4. Easy Onboarding – Joining a new organisation can be an intimidating experience for new employees. This is truer for people in their first job or when they come from different domains or a smaller organisation. They have new things to learn, but they also need to adjust to your organisation’s unique culture. This is where an employee engagement platform can be of immense help. As soon as the new entrants into the organisation are onboarded into these platforms, they feel part of your organisation. They would get a glimpse of your organisation’s culture and the language of communication. Thus, you will digitally handhold the newcomers during their initial days and make them feel part of the organisation.
  5. Helps Time Action to Perfection – There is no point in asking an employee what you could have done for them during the exit interview. Most employees leave organisations as their efforts go unrecognised or when they have issues with their immediate bosses. Advanced analytics in employee engagement measurement tools help you identify the first signs of discord or dissatisfaction in your team members. This is where you will be able to go all the way out and address the reasons behind their discontent.
  6. Measuring Performances – Employee engagement tools also serve as a good way of measuring your team members’ performances, which is why they are also termed as employee engagement measurement tools. Using this tool, your team leaders would be able to identify the performers in the organisation and reward them. This serves as an encouragement for others in the organisation and creates a competitive culture in your organisation. If some of the employees are behind the performance curves, you will identify them and play the mentoring role to get the best out of them.
  7. Improves Employee Productivity – When all the above conditions are met, you will immediately notice an increase in employee productivity. A self-motivated employee who feels like being a core part of the organisation is productive. When your team members realise their value in the organisation and how their work impacts your organisation’s overall goals, you will encourage them to push higher and take up more responsibilities. This will help in improving the overall productivity of the organisation and also build a competitive edge.

To conclude, employee engagement isn’t rocket science or something that requires significant capital expenditure. As your organisation seeks to improve productivity and retention rate, you should consider investing in the right employee engagement tool. These tools can easily be customised depending on the niche needs of your organisation. They help in aligning your employees to the organisation’s mission and take you ahead of your competitors. Remember every penny you spend in boosting your workforce’s morale can offer innumerable returns to your organisation.

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