The top three uses of promotional merchandises are brand awareness, customer acquisition, and functionality. Meeting the brief perfectly is this one product that fits every budget and captures the essence of your brand: the good old keychain. Exhibit your brand in style at events and trade fairs by taking your audiences on a journey with a range of our incredible keychains. Here’s are 10 of the best keychains that will make a lasting impression by capturing the right attention:

Twist Keychain

Corporate Keychains

It is as simple as the name suggests but is also notoriously effective to use as a bulk giveaway at corporate events. Designed with a unique twist mechanism, the keychain is made using premium metal and leather for an impressive look and feel.

Rubiks Cube Keychain

Branded Keychains

A mini version of the quintessential Rubik's Cube, this fun, and portable accessory will drive your brand visibility up the roof. Ideal for bulk campaigns, the keychain can be customized for maximum brand exposure and used as a giveaway at events and exhibitions.

Fabric Keychain

Bulk Corporate Gifting

Made using natural, eco-friendly canvas material, this keychain represents understated simplicity and elegance. Customize and use this keychain as promotional merchandise at events to highlight the sustainable values your brand abides by.

Keychain Case

Bulk Gifting

A premium quality leather keychain case makes a neat product for bulk corporate gifting. Crafted with 4 key loops and engraving options, the case is an elegant and versatile promotional item.

Cord Keychain

Company Gifting

Braided cord keychains are fun to use and super trendy to carry around. Made using a durable cord material and metal clasp this durable keychain is an ideal corporate gift to giveaway at promotional events and fairs.

Tassel Keychain

Unique promotional Products

Crafted with chic fringe tassels, the keychain is a popular accessory amongst modern millennials. Customize this promotional keychain with an engraved brand logo to boost maximum visibility at events and exhibitions.

Steering Wheel Keychain

Customized Corporate Gifts

An instant favorite among car aficionados, the steering wheel keychain has a subtle yet charismatic appeal to it. Customize it with a brand logo and use it for occasion-specific promotional gifting. An ideal bulk item for car dealers and retailers to giveaway at events and fairs.

Bottle Opener Barrel Keychain

Customized Company Gifts

A versatile product that will become your go-to tool while you are on the move. Designed as a bottle opener and keychain, this sleek piece of metal can be customized for maximum brand engagement. Customize it and use it as bulk promotional merchandise at events and trade fairs.

Loop Promo Keychain

Branded Promotional Keychain

The loop promo keychain has an elegant flat design that is crafted for more branding space. A popular bulk promotional gift item, the keychain has a modern yet minimalistic look to it. Engrave or deboss the leather loop with a brand logo and use it as a giveaway at events and fairs.

Copper Slab Keychain

Keychain Gifting

Sleek, stylish and sassy, the copper keychain is all that and so much more. Made using premium quality metal the keychain has a subtle sheen to it and can be customized with a brand logo for promotional gifting.



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