As a marketer, there is one main question you need to ask yourself first.  Do you love your customers? If yes, to what extent are you willing to go and show them your love?

If you think providing them with your services is enough, you’re in for a reality check. Look at it this way: customers bring in the big bucks and you make good money thanks to them. So appreciating them with personalized corporate gifts in the least you can do.

While a ‘thank you’ email with free coupons is a great gesture, here are some personalized corporate gift options that will show them your appreciation:

Leather Tray

Personalized Corporate Gifts

A simple way to build love for your brand is by building an authentic relationship with your customers.

A personalized leather tray to go on the desk of your client is the perfect way to boost your brand's reputation. From keeping trinkets in place to adding a polished aesthetic to the office, a personalized leather tray engraved with the client’s initials is a unique personalized corporate gift to give.

Bluetooth Speaker

Personalized Branded Gifting

An undeniable fact: everyone loves gadgets. But what makes this fabric Bluetooth speaker a real winner is its ingenuity. It’s compact size, stunning fabric exterior and audio experience make it hands down a thoughtful gift.

Ideal for clients who love to carry their tunes on the go, it packs quite a punch in the corporate gifting space. Personalize the gift with a handwritten note and use it to create everlasting memories with your clients.

Portable Power Bank

Personalized Company Gifting

There is always that one customer who travels the globe round the year. This is a gift they will thoroughly enjoy. The sleek portable power bank is fast, efficient and actually portable!

It is so slim that your customer can slip it into their card case and not worry about budging pockets. A win-win corporate gift for both your client will never have to face the hassle of their phone’s battery running out. And you never hear that as an excuse again!

Infuser Bottle

Personalized Corporate Products

If only drinking water were enough, no one would have ever come up with the concept of infused water. Help your clients live a healthier life by gifting them something they would never have the time to think of.

A great way to spruce up water is to infuse it with fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits. By choosing this as a gift you will surely ‘surprise and delight’ the receiver. Personalize the bottle by printing a witty inside joke you share with them to make the gift more interesting.

Curated Coffee Box

Personalized Gifting

There is no such thing as too much coffee and that is an established fact. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t the right type of coffee for every person.

A curated box with gourmet coffee beans to tantalize the taste buds along with a chic ceramic mug and coasters is an experience your client can enjoy every morning. Personalize the gift box with roasted coffee bean flavors that your client might enjoy and show them you actually care.

A mix of personal and professional corporate gifts, if you must indulge in the bandwagon of corporate gift giving – do so meaningfully!



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