When George Lucas’ science fiction film Star Wars was first released, Disney used the opportunity to start a slew of “Star Wars” merchandise. Retailers like Walmart and Amazon promptly participated and created a noise in the toys industry. Disney earned US$5 billion from Star Wars 7 merchandise alone!

Corporate Merchandise

The phenomenal idea behind it was to rekindle memories by tapping into the customer’s needs they didn't know they even had. They offered their fans a customized merchandise experience, which created a sense of loyalty towards their brand.

After a fair amount of research, we found some real everyday brands that came up with crazy but super cool merchandises and are now making history like Disney.


Company Merchandise
Best Corporate merchandise

Colonel Chic’s crispy fried chicken is not the only thing selling out now. The brand unveiled an online merchandise shop with limited edition goodies and fried chicken apparel. You can find swag from $8 worth of socks to their $20,000 meteorite made Chicken Zinger shaped burger!

KFC and Colonel Sander have been alive for over 70 years. These innovative breakout lines of merchandises will allow their fans to embrace the fried chicken lifestyle and help the brand become a part of their identity.


Branded Swag

Vetements X DHL, who would have thought? When a Parisian design collective couture and courier giant pair together, you can expect nothing but the best. When a model at the Vetements catwalk in Paris wore a DHL logo t-shirt, it became an overnight rage and despite the hefty price tag of $300 the t-shirt was sold out in a month!

DHL as a brand represents globalization, a workforce that delivers to every country in the world. The secret lied not in their branded merchandise, but the publicity it brought. Their clients loved the quirky idea of a logo t-shirt and the brand earned brownie media points in the process.


Promotional Products

Elon Musk’s Tesla boasts of a media strategy where they build their brand without spending on advertising. And they do that by creating cool Tesla-branded merchandise. Good news for avid Tesla fans, along with the launch of their ultrafast supercar, they also launched a portable Tesla-themed battery that can charge any device that takes a micro USB.

Power packed with a 3350-mAH battery it costs $45 and is already sold out! Tesla loyalists love the brands' bold and unconventional merchandise and look forward to being associated with it.

Burger King

Promotional Merchandise

Like KFC, Burger King too is peddling items that have little to do with the noshes they are known for. Burger King Japan just launched their new Whooper scented fragrance ‘Flame-Grilled’ to celebrate Whooper day. Priced at $41 you also get a free Whooper burger with every purchase, just in case the fragrance makes you hungry!

Inspired by their best selling burger, the scent captures seduction and a hint of the flame-broiled meat. Gross or not, this limited edition merchandise by Burger King has up their marketing game by a notch.


Best Promotional Merch
Premium merchandise

Jameson Irish Whiskey runs one of the best online platforms for branded merchandise. This one’s dedicated to their cocktails. Jameson rolled out a classic cocktail kit, moderately priced, the kit features the brands staple green and cream color. Ideal for both personal and professional gifting the canvas rollout includes shaking tins, strainer, spoon, jigger and a wooden muddler.

Along with it they also have customized Jameson engraved hip flasks so you can carry your drink with you. The project for Jameson-inspired cocktail merchandise is creative and connects with their consumers especially during holiday season. Whiskey loyalists of Jameson love the goodies that are an essential part of their events and parties.


Corporate Merchandise Ideas

Breathing the spirit of innovation, the brand Pernod Ricard under the guidance of Paul Ricard has seen many new campaigns that were unique and fresh. Maintaining a complete focus on the consumer’s needs, they came up with innovative fruit-infused cocktails, vintage pitcher sets and

French-inspired barware to quench the thirst of satisfaction. Used to serve water     and Ricard, French bars are incomplete without these ceramic Anisette Jugs. Stylish merchandise sets to tap the crème de la crème of the lot.

Pizza Hut

Quirky Merchandise
Unique Merchandise

Everyone loves Pizza. But Pizza Hut took that love to the next level. Debuting their line of Pizza-inspired apparel called “Hut Swag” they used these quirky merchandises to attract young millennials to embrace the brand. In addition to their saucy pizzas, the brand also offered pizza yoga pants, pizza-dreaming pillowcases, and pizza cuddle blankets! Here’s another fish in the sea trying to entice pizza enthusiasts to get cheesy hands-on.

In Conclusion

Gone are the days when brands used their advertising budgets on newspaper ads and billboards. These are some of the real brands that came up with unconventional crazy merchandise that caught the eye.

When we hear promotional merchandise we think of pens, books and the usual mugs brands often use. But these brands used a range of choice to increase brand recognition, increase customer loyalty and tap into markets that were not their forte. Kudos to them!



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