A brainchild born on the Internet for a lighthearted punch, memes are like genes. They replicate, evolve and spread from person to person. In a world where achieving audience engagement can make marketers pluck their hair, meme marketing is the internet’s current hot trend. As a marketer open to experimenting with different social media marketing stints, memes use humour to engage with audiences online.



Engaging in the form of GIFs or static images, meme marketing keeps content sticky. Given how popular memes are, you’ll want to jump right in. But before you decide on using meme marketing, read on to know how they foster social media engagement:

They’re Inexpensive

As compared to other mediums, meme marketing is as cheap as it gets. Playoffs on already existing content on the internet, creating memes require no additional effort. All you need is some creativity, basic designing skills and the appropriate time to riff off a brand new meme.

Use your marketing budgets elsewhere because memes save your brand both time and money!

Here’s how pizza hut served their audiences with a slice of deliciousness:

Social Media Marketing

They Encourage Wild Shares

If wild sharing had to be defined in Internet language, it would mean posting and re-posting content until it reaches an even wider audience group. And today memes are the most widely shared pieces of content on the internet. It primarily has to do with humour and relatability. Meme marketing is only successful when audiences relate to the post, enjoy it, share it with their friends and in the process, unknowingly, advocate your brand.

On New Year’s Eve, Nickelodeon used a highly relevant meme as a part of their social media marketing tool:

Social Media Buzz

Stir a Cultural Phenomenon

Every now and then, social media is buzzing with challenges and memes that spread like wildfire. Whether it is trolling celebrities or trending topics, as a brand you can use this to your advantage. The only thing to keep in mind when using meme marking is brand consistency. Advocating audience engagement through memes does sound intriguing, but memes can often be offensive. It’s a fine line between being funny and being rude.

Leverage satire; stir nostalgia but stick to being funny and insightful. Social media marketing when done right delights and there is no one better at it than Netflix:

Social Media Campaign

Add Your Twist

Memes have a short shelf life. Strike when the iron is hot and make your meme viral or watch others do the same before you. The trick with meme marketing is to take advantage of an ongoing trend and grab eyeballs. While you can repurpose existing memes by giving credit to the creator, you can also reimagine it with a twist of your own. It may be more time and energy-consuming, but there is a higher chance that your meme will be shared across the Internet. Zomato India brought a spin to the 10-year challenge with their 10 minutes challenge meme:

Social Media Promotion


Meme marketing is taking over the Internet. While every brand has the opportunity to get it right, it is important to drive audience engagement without trying too hard. Trust your judgement to create insightful content and check out more such marketing related tips in our 5by7 blog.



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