Every week, I curate 5 of the most insightful articles around marketing, growth hacking and sales. If you find this content useful, please do share it, like or comment below. Help me improve this series so it can be more useful to everyone else.

By John Hall for Forbes

We know content marketing is most effective, high conversion digital marketing strategies of the last 2 years, John really nails the concept for everyone - newbies to experts.  Read this here.

It’s a Brand-New World When It Comes to Building Brands

by Erich Joachimsthaler for Adweek

This is a short masterclass by Eric and perfectly summarises old vs new branding models. Lots of branding strategies for smaller and bigger brands both. Read this here.

How Instagram is Shaping ecommerce Marketing for 2019

By Kaya Ismail for CMS Wire

Really good insights on the future of social commerce, Kaya wears several hats in real life and brings out key details on the right things to do on Instagram. Read here.

What Theme Parks Teach Us About Market Segmentation

By Scott Galloway on Medium

I loved this insightful satire on taking kids to theme parks and market segmentation, Scott’s writing is funny and really smart. Read the article here.

The Brand “Value Chain”

By Parth Sethi for Hacker Noon

Brands today are running shorter, but more intense races to capture market share. Content along-with right digital positioning is building brands for the new age customer. Parth’s article dives into building community focussed new age digital brands. Read here.



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