In a landscape full of noise, social media has given marketers the power to compete with one another in a battle fit for only the bravest. While some brands used their wits and emerged victoriously, others were not so lucky. The key to marketing campaigns is to attract the attention of potential customers by evoking a feeling that provokes conversations.

On the path to do something different, here are some marketing campaigns that went viral in 2019 and caught our attention:

Nike - Dream Crazier

Best 2019 Marketing Campaigns

Nike has always had the habit of making a huge splash with their marketing campaigns. But in February 2019, just before International Women’s Day, they took it a level higher with their video campaign ‘Dream Crazier’. A trailblazing positive video that was impactful and challenged stereotypes for women empowerment, it gained over 50 million views across social media because they focused on real women who faced real-life challenges.

Take a closer look at what crazy dreams can do:

Verizon - The Team Wouldn’t Be Here

Marketing Campaigns of 2019

When a global communication and technology leader launches a marketing campaign, you need to watch and learn. Tugging at the emotional heartstring of millions, Verizon’s commercial campaign-‘The Team Wouldn’t be Here’ was strategically launched just around the Super Bowl LIII. It talks about 11 NFL players and a coach who were rescued by first responders.

Watch the real-life story of people who were given a second chance at life because of the job first responders do:

Apple - Don’t Mess With Mother Earth

Marketing in 2019

As a brand, if you cannot tug on the emotional heartstrings of your viewers, the next best thing you can do is relate your brand with a universal message. Apple with its Shot on iPhone campaign- ‘Don’t Mess With Mother Earth’ shows photos and video capabilities the phone offers, with a preview of the abundance nature has to offer. The campaign that went viral takes the viewer on a cinematographic experience by showing just how far Apple has taken technology:

Gillette - The Best Men Can Be

Marketing Trends of 2019

In January 2019, Gillette launched a somewhat controversial campaign- ‘The Best Men Can Be’. While the brand campaign received both love and hate at the same time, it can also be safely said that the brand garnered attention for the same. Was it a planned move? Maybe, because when a brand decides to take a stand on issues like bullying and harassment, repercussions are inevitable. Gillette challenged masculinity as a whole and men subjected to trauma to be more than just victims. Watch how they sent a message to the boys today and our men for tomorrow to take a stand with a clickbait link to their organization against bullying at the end:

Prega News - Your Second Home

Marketing Trends

The key pillar of viral marketing campaigns is to address unconventional topics with a touch of compassion. A brand subset of India’s pharmaceutical giant Mankind, Prega News targeted its Indian audience with a heartwarming campaign video- ‘Your Second Home’. Directed towards creating awareness amongst homemakers for domestic help in their homes, the campaign was launched right before International Women’s Day. Women who make our home a better place every day, deserve to feel at home during their special journey of motherhood.

The video garnered over 10 million views on YouTube alone:

Our Takeaway

2019 has been an iconic year for marketers and we are just as excited to see what 2020 has in store for us. If you liked reading this piece on Marketing Campaigns That Went Viral in 2019; For more stories and hacks on marketing, check out our blog at 5by7.



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