Personalized corporate gifts can do wonders for your business. Not only is it a great idea but also a way to express your gratitude towards your clients and employees by showing them that you care. As a business, finding the right corporate gift for the right occasion can be quite a task. But it is important to choose those moments to prove to your customers and employees that you cherish their support as members of a team.

To help you navigate through the maze of corporate gifting, here are some dos and don’ts that will make sure your gifts stand out for all the right reasons:

The Dos

1. Be Thoughtful

Corporate Gifting Ideas

Gifting is great where a small thought can go a long way for your business. Along with investing your time, effort and money, you are also putting your brand name at stake. Always remember, this gift is not about self-promotion. Think about the usefulness of your gift to the receiver.  Focus on the little details like design, finesse, and final packaging.

Add an element of surprise that your client or employee can appreciate and remember. A thoughtful Bucket USB hub that doubles up as stationery holder is both distinctive and practical for everyday use. With everything in place ensure you check the small box for professional packaging. A small price to pay for attention to detail can express a level of exceptional care towards the receiver.

2. Personalize

Personalised Corporate Gifting

We often underestimate the power of personalized corporate gifts. Realistically, we may never know what our customers or employees like. But nothing says thoughtful like a unique personalized corporate gift. Making personal touches is the fine line between sending a good and great gift.

You don’t need to create a scrapbook of their children to make it personal. A simple handwritten note along with a curated gift box will make your gesture more genuine.

3. Be Unique

Gift-giving can be stressful especially when you have a budget to stick to. But instead of sending out bulk calendars, think outside the box. It’s your job to be creative after all, your gift represents your business. Try a corporate gifting company that creates unique corporate gifts within your budget.

Unique Corporate Gifts

An eco-friendly bamboo organizer for the office desk is both functional and unique. It reminds the receiver why they do business with you, while also reflecting your sustainable actions as a member of the ecosystem.

The Don’ts

1. Don't Be a Cliché

We know it is hard to come up with corporate gift ideas that resonate with the values of your business. But you need not overthink it. Receivers are most excited when your gesture is spontaneous and unexpected. While gifting on birthdays and special occasions are great you don’t always need to wait around for a reason to express gratitude.

Corporate Gifts

A simple thoughtful gift out of the blue will strike a sentimental chord by letting your clients and employees know they are valued.

2. Don’t Be Too Promotional

There is a reason why it is called the ‘art of gift-giving’. Corporate gifts and marketing swag cannot be used interchangeably for clients. A t-shirt with your brand logo is not a unique corporate gift your clients will cherish. It comes off as a generic marketing stunt.

Promotional Gifts

Stick to subtle branding instead of advertising when saying ‘thank you’.

3. Don’t Be Cheap

Yes, you should stick to a budget. But that doesn’t mean you undervalue the contribution of your clients or employees in your organization. Small and medium business owners often face a budget constraint. But saving a few bucks by giving something distasteful will be forgotten, let alone be cherished by clients.

Premium Corporate Gifting

The idea behind giving personalized corporate gifts is to be remembered. A simple functional gift that will not accumulate dust in the corner of an office like a USB is a great choice. An eco-friendly cork pen-drive will be useful, economical and sustainable, so win-win!

Timing, quality, and functionality are three of the most important factors to consider when giving a unique corporate gift. Without your clients and employees, you would have no business. So it is important to express your gratitude the right way at the right time to strike an impression. To make the desired impact, choose a premium corporate gifting company online, like 5by7 and ensure these tips are taken into account to make your gesture an appropriate one.



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