When Opera, the global browser giant, launched their new browser 'Coast' in the market, 5by7 was assigned the task to innovate a unique personalized gift for their digital audience.

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So the team came up with a creative promotional merchandise to drive online engagement, Kinetic Sand!

Made with a mix of sand and polymer it is the original squeezable sand you can’t put down!

Squeeze it, shape it or build something with it, it will rearrange itself. Packed in a sack inspired by and created to unleash playful creativity the word from the newly launched browser ‘Coast’ was brought to life!

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It was important for the team at Opera that we make this feel more than just a corporate gift. Therefore we created a capsule-like sack that neatly held the Kinetic sand within, a guide on how to use it and a personalized vintage postcard addressing the client directly.

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The final verdict of the #OperaCoastSurprise box was an overwhelmingly positive response. Digital influencers from across the country received this surprise package only to relive their childhood again. This unique gift idea boggled marketing influencers, bloggers, and associates and drove organic traffic to their new browser Coast.



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