“How the experience ends matters and it matters disproportionately. The strongest impact is often at the end of the experience”- Richard Beevers, Customer Plus

Promotional Merchandise, do they really make a difference? Hell, yes! An industry as vast as auto uses corporate gifting and promotional merchandise as a core marketing method to regularly engage with customers.

A small price tag for a lasting impression, corporate gifts are a great way to impact, influence and impress clients. Businesses in the auto sector are often on the lookout for pocket-friendly and clever promotional merchandise to give as welcome kits, appreciation gestures and event favors.

So here some excellent auto-related gift ideas that businesses can use for the start-end customer journey:

1. Welcome Kits

The importance of a welcome kit in the auto industry is highly understated. The journey to convert a prospective buyer into a paying client takes up some real effort. So how do you cement that relationship with them? A welcome kit that has been custom-made for them establishes an emotional connection between the buyer and brand.

A perfect way to thank your customer by adding value to the brand, here are some of our favorite welcome kits done by us for BMW and Audi.

Made for BMW's sales team is a curated welcome kit box. An excellent gift idea to welcome new owners into the BMW family, the kit contains a loop leather keychain, a leather card case and a BMW annual magazine. Collaboration with Audi led us to create a turnkey solution for their Sports Club program where we designed a call-to-action welcome kit for them. A bright red album with beautiful images of their automobiles and smart graphics were created to go beyond traditional promotional marketing.

Welcome kits like these communicate with consumers while highlighting the premium brand voice against competitors in the market.

Welcome Kits

2. Car Handover Gifts

You buy a car because you like its features, but most importantly you buy it because you trust the brand. Buying a new car is an exciting and proud moment for most buyers. Making the vehicle handover experience a memorable one is as important as the journey. Following the peak-end rule, auto business experts often advise: it is not the gift itself but the experience that people remember.

Going by this thought, manufacturers can opt for bulk promotional gifts like keychains we customized for Audi, BMW, and Royal Enfield. Auto dealers can take it up a notch by presenting the keychain in an elegant box or gifting customized mugs and photo frames to make the relationship more personal.

Awesome Customised Gifts

3. Auto Expo Takeaways

Auto expos are the Olympic games for car manufacturers and dealers; you always aim for the gold. Most prospects attend fairs and events like there for two basic reasons: their love for automobiles and attractive promotional merchandise.

Honda used USB Car Chargers as promotional merchandise by customizing them with the brand logo. A super functional gift to maximize your brand’s visibility. Auto brands can also do custom printed car air fresheners or sunshades for efficient and pocket-friendly options.

Auto Customised Gifts

4. Media Favors

There is a very fine line between gifting and bribery, especially when it involves media personals. While keeping in mind PR ethics, media favors have to be well thought through and memorable products. For businesses in the auto sector, branded promotional merchandise that reflects the brand subtly can be considered. Audi used custom-made steering wheel keychains as media favors for their events. Auto brands also use custom journals, USB keychains, duffle travel bags and eco-friendly products as media gifts.

Media favor gifts

5. In Car Gifts

Most people spend 70% of their time in their car traveling, which makes it an important space of their life. 55% of these people use promotional merchandise given to them almost every day. So if you are a dealer or brand looking to increase brand awareness and build a loyal customer base, in-car gifts are a great way to tap the market.

A smart, anti-slip travel mug that allows you to take a drink on the go is a super functional promotional merchandise to give as in-car gifts to new and existing buyers. A Tissue Box is also a great in-car gift for auto-related businesses. Perfect to install and use in vehicles, office spaces, and auto showrooms, the box can be customized with a brand name or logo.

in car gifts

6. Event Launch Gifts

When you design a car you know it’s great, but only if you could get your customers to try it, you know they’d love it too. That’s why brands have event launches; it’s like a teaser for the upcoming film. If your audience loves you, they buy your product. Which is why event launch gifts have to communicate value.

A vehicle-related Digital Tyre Gauge & Toolkit is a useful and unique branded gift to give auto enthusiast. Easy to customize, brands can use a Gooseneck Car Mount as promotional merchandise at exclusive launch events to raise awareness on the importance of safe driving while highlighting new inbuilt safety features in their new ride.

Tesla used tiny versions of its home power storage system as portable batteries for a memorable promotional giveaway.

event launch gifts

7. Luxury Gifts

Just like there are brands and luxury brands, there are buyers and there are enthusiasts who already have it all. These high net worth individuals need a special touch that resonates with their passion for automobiles. Maserati used custom-made calfskin leather trolley bags to tap their customers. You too can choose an elegant travel duffle customized with a brand logo as a premium giveaway.

Luxury brands like Bentley, Nissan’s G series, Lexus, and Porsche used attractive holiday discounts as a way to tap new audiences into the market. Direct mailers, scintillating merchandise, and personalized customer service are the extra miles taken to retain these customers.

luxury gifts

8. Mass Promotion

When a stranger approaches you at a mall or at an event with a leaflet you don't take it because it doesn't interest you. Personalized promotional merchandise, on the other hand, sticks with the mass if it is useful and intriguing. Custom made bulk diaries given by Maruti were an excellent and pocket-friendly mass giveaway product to raise brand awareness and interest among the public. Branded Keychains, USB devices, and other functional in-car goodies are also popular choices.

Mass promotion

Brands nowadays offer more than just products; they deliver an experience to be remembered. The best way to stay connected with your clients, employees, and colleagues is by making your mark. These useful products are some brilliant corporate gift ideas curated by us and inspired by existing brands in the auto industry.



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