“Content is fire and social media is gasoline’- Jay Baer

It’s almost the end of 2019 and time to reflect on some of the funniest, yet brilliant work that brands have done this year. While some brands struggled to retain a chunk of their audiences, others used a more creative medium of marketing to keep audiences hooked.

Memes, a new language for marketing, has officially become the medium of communication this year. From stirring up light banters on Twitter to breaking the Internet on Instagram, traditional advertising has taken a backseat for good.

84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising anymore. So here are some brands that put on their thinking caps and used good old texts as memes. Here’s the best of best for 2019:


Netflix’s friendly banter with Ben & Jerry’s gained both engagement and conversion. Here is what Ben Jerry’s had to say when Netflix asked a question on twitter:

The idea behind using memes for a marketing campaign is to gain traction when a popular topic is being spoken about. Quick and witty responses like Ben & Jerry’s will give you a good laugh while promoting the brand’s core product- ice creams!

Meme Marketing


Want to share a new offer on social media? Make a meme about it, like Zomato. They used a popular tagline from a trending Bollywood movie ‘Gully Boy’ to communicate with their audiences on Twitter.

Targeting the psychology of audiences through the use of popular vernaculars helps a brand appear friendlier.

Meme Banter


The undeclared king of memes, Durex has aced social media with their creativity. Their memes are entertaining, witty and always apt for the occasion. The popular 10-year challenge on social media involved a comparison of how much things had changed in a decade. Durex, a condom company, got the best conversation starter through their ‘coming of age story’.

Best 2019 memes


When the brand decided to launch a range of new luxury watches, they debuted with memes on Instagram. The #TFWGucci campaign was anything but basic, just like the brand itself. The idea behind their memes was to push audiences to express their own feelings by reposting the memes. Ideating the Gucci attitude, here are some reaction memes that are funny yet unapologetic:

Memes from 2019

Burger King

After an epic prom-proposal between Burger King and Wendy’s, they turned to a clickbait approach for their next campaign on social media. The official Burger King twitter account went on a liking spree- all the way back to 2010. So when influencers realized this little stint, their posts added fuel to Burger King’s mysterious campaign. Here’s what happened next and why:

Best 2019 Memes

Turns out, Burger King’s new campaign was about the return of a throwback item from their menu: The funnel cake fries. And obviously, it was from 2010, so here is how

Burger King made the big reveal:

Social media is a two-way conversational street where friendly banters can become an angry feud. The battle of memes should be fought out with quick wit and a bit of social media sass. Check out How to Get Your Customers to Become Brand Advocates: A Step-by-Step Guide for some great marketing tips.



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