Surrogate marketing is a disguised form of marketing where products are promoted in disguise. Using a Brand Surrogate Company to promote your products and services is entirely legal, which is why most businesses in the sin goods market are using them.

How Can A Brand Surrogate Company Help You Engage With Your Audience?

Advertisement has a key objective – to showcase a product in good light and ignite the irresistible desire in the target audience to buy them. If you sell smartphones, your ads can boast about the features and specs, and likewise, if you are into fruit juices then the selling point is the freshness and how it can add health and wellness to a customers lifestyle. In short, ad campaigns focus on informing the customers about the benefits of using any particular product or service and improving theirlives. However, when you are into the business of what is often termed as ‘sin goods' such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling etc., promoting your product poses a significant challenge to your branding partner.

How does your brand showcase the benefits of alcohol or gambling?

This is the real challenge before your advertising partner. With ever-increasingrestrictions around promoting‘sin goods,’ this challenge has grown exponentially in recent years. While these restrictions vary from country to country, you will find them in some form or the other everywhere in the world. Advertising of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling etc., is banned in most parts of the world. It is quite another story that local governments fill their coffers with astronomically high taxes on selling these products termed as‘sin tax’! You can bypass this challenge by using a brand surrogate company.

What is a Surrogate Marketing?

Surrogate marketing is a disguised form of marketing where products are promoted in disguise. This form of marketing especially applies to products that are restricted from advertising by the local governments. This form of marketing aims to improve brand recognition that helps in the sale of goods. For instance, several alcohol brands have ventured into packaged drinking water and soft drinks to promote their brand name in front of the target audience without breaking the law of the land. This, in turn, helps in boosting their primary products that havebeen banned from being advertised in the media. Here the logo and the brand name are positioned in front of the audience in disguise to promote their primary products.

Brand Surrogate Company uses creative ways of promoting its products. There are instances of companies in alcohol and tobacco advertising promoting music CDs, calendars, and even running airlines to promote their logo and brand name. These companies also venture into movies, sponsoring sports teams and web series on OTT platforms that allow them topromote their brand. While there is always debate around the legality of surrogate marketing, businesses that deal with these products are well within their rights to promote their brand name and logos without calling for a lousy government.

How Can Brand Surrogate Company Help You?

Using a Brand Surrogate Company to promote your products and services is entirely legal, which is why most businesses in this goods market are using them. Let’s look at some of how your business can benefit from this form of marketing –

  • Brand Recognition – Your brand name needs to strike a chord with the audience. They need to identify with your logo, and this is where surrogate marketing can help your brand. Not trying these creative advertising methods would mean you are yielding space in the market to your competitors.
  • Brand Recall – Advertising is a continuous exercise where you target new customers and deliver a message of assurance to your existing customers. Using a Brand Surrogate Company, your brand would be able to increase the ‘brand recall’ factor. For instance, even while you may be promoting packaged drinking water, but customers who associate you being an alcohol brand aren’t likely to miss out on the message behind your ad campaign.
  • Brand Association – Surrogate marketing helps your target audience relate to legally advertised products with the revenue earning products from your brand. This helps in building trust around your products and drives your business forward.

To sum up, as a company in the business of ‘sin goods’, you need to use brand Surrogate Company to promote your products in the market.

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