When the product is right, you don’t have to be a great marketer — Seth Godin, Author of ‘All Marketers Tell Stories’

We are all connected by stories. From the time of primitive man to today's hyper-connected digital world, bold, compelling narratives have served to amaze, educate, and inspire.

Storytelling is the most powerful promotional tool available to today’s brands—and it doesn’t matter who you are or what you sell, telling tales with your marketing communications will help connect with your customers.

Here we’re going to explore the power of brand storytelling and how you can use promotional products to enhance your ‘tale-telling efforts’ time and time again.

The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling isn’t a buzzword, it’s a value-driven approach to marketing that will engage your audience on a personal level. And it works.

Brand Store

Studies show that short fiction has a significant impact on eBay product listings alone, with those that include a strong narrative attracting an average of 64% higher bids. Moreover, we retain 70% of information through stories, but a mere 10%—from data and statistics.

Strong storytelling communicates brand values, key information, and benefits in a way that’s gripping, natural, and fosters trust.

In the modern age, consumers invest in brands they believe in. And one of the most powerful means of connecting with your customers is by telling your brand’s story.

Gone are the days where print promotions or banner ads strike a chord with customers. One-size-fits-all advertising will not hit the mark. The world’s biggest brands place storytelling at the heart of their marketing campaigns—and you should too.

Using Promotional Products for Storytelling

To earn a healthy return on investment (ROI) for your marketing efforts, you need to focus on engagement rather than advertising.

By developing a strong narrative, you will ensure your marketing campaigns or communications offer personal value and get real results. And bespoke branded promotional products are the vessel that will drive your success.

Promotional Products for Storytelling

Promotional products, from curated gift boxes and card wallets to branded eco-friendly pen drives, and beyond, have the unique power to endow your brand storytelling efforts with layers of additional depth.

Take a branded eco-friendly pen drive, for instance.

If you hand these devices out at your stall to people that pass by your stall at a trade expo, they might be placed in a drawer never to see the light of day again.

But, if you create a compelling storytelling campaign based on your values as a sustainable green business, offering a behind the scenes glimpse of your environmental efforts, you stand to engage eco-conscious consumers and make them take notice.

Storytelling through Promotional Products

The point is: by developing a compelling narrative online as well as your expo stall (using a cohesive of mix mediums & touchpoints including blog posts, videos, landing pages, social media, and print), you’ll give context to your eco pen drives while evoking strong emotion.

When you hand your promotional item to a prospect upon engaging with your brand story, you’ll create a tangible connection that is likely to linger, resulting in positive brand interaction after they’ve walked away.

Promotional products work in a variety of scenarios including online giveaways, social media influencer demonstrations, and in-store placements. Putting your bespoke promotional products at the heart of your brand’s story will create a powerful branch of communication that your prospects can touch and feel.

Despite the storytelling power of promotional products, many of today’s businesses overlook quality tangible items as a means of communication.

Promotional Products

If you create promotional products and build inspiring narratives around them—stories that offer your customers personal value— you will forge deeper consumer connections than you ever thought possible, pushing yourself ahead of the competition in the process.

Using fundamental brand storytelling principles as a guide, you’ll be empowered to accelerate your commercial success with your range of promotional products.

The next time you’re holding a pen clad with a logo—stop and take a moment to consider if it has resulted in you buying something from that brand. If the answer is yes, it might be because of the promotional storytelling?



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