Writing this as a millennial; we are a strength of 440 million in India alone. Generation X, on the other hand, is the neglected middle child born between 1960-1980. Born in 90’s myself, we practically kick-started the millennial era, which leaves us now in the teething stage. While the boomers make history and we are still figuring out what we actually want; Generation X is any marketers’ best hope.

We are seeing a global shift in the brands people love. While these were traditional companies like Levi Strauss, Pfizer or Coca-Cola earlier, the new age brands like Apple, Samsung, Nike have taken over the attention of billions. To remain relevant brands today need to navigate the demographic landscape smartly.

In first of our series, let's look at key insights that can shape strategy for any brand for the Gen-X; the spenders.

Following insights are key while marketing to Gen-X:

Online Savvy but Offline Trusting

Gen-Xers, even those from small cities are making a shift in their choice for better amenities. Whether it is searching on Google or messaging on Facebook, Gen-X is using technology to fill the needs and communicate with family.

As parents and responsible adults looking for genuine products, they use the Internet as a source of information but crave a personal touch for the final process of buying. Which is why in 2014 a research by IPG Media Lab and Yahoo found that personalized ad boosters increased purchase intent in their users, Gen-X being the highest.

How to use this insight - Communicate online as a brand, but educate both online and offline. Create customer touch points online and offline in the buyer journey.

Sentimentality & Value

Gen X has adapted itself to a digital lifestyle but still are sensible spenders. They see the value of a product instead of its extravagance charm. Becoming more focused on value, Gen X is a mixtape that is more likely to invest in practical products with quantifiable value than on futile luxury.

Experienced and traditional at heart Gen X is all about researching before shopping online. These old-school consumers are evolving into loyal shopping enthusiasts who are looking for aspirational buys instead of just basic essentials. As a marketer let Gen X know what they should expect from your brand and how useful is it for them.

Your takeaway -  Be authentic and genuine as a brand. Gen-x is a skeptic lot, but once they adopt they stick around as loyal customers.

Organic Influencers

Gen X set standards for generations before and after them. They are socially conscious and eager to share their recommendations for a product. Once they adopt a product or brand they are most likely to champion it, which in turn boosts their own status.

They are the natural evangelists of any brand once it wins their loyalty. Four out of ten Gen-Xers stick to brands they like, which is far more than any millennial would.

Your takeaway -  Think long-term with Gen-x, they will be powerful influencers for their desire to feel relevant.


I feel that while we millennials are empowered and intelligent, but sometimes we do make drastic and biased brand choices. Gen-Xers on the other hand, though often neglected are the humble yet powerful generation whom brands do not tap into their full potential.



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