The culture of gift giving is a symbol of gratitude, care, and love, which is no longer limited to family and friends. Playing a huge role in our lives today is the importance of corporate gifting. It is a great way to appreciate employees, thank associates and entice acquaintances for a fruitful business relationship. While there a plethora of options for regular corporate gift ideas, gifting from a unique brand like Cross will leave a lasting impression on the receiver without being unfavorable to your pocket too! So here are some excellent gift ideas by Cross for you to choose from.

Branded Gifts

Classic Century Global Passport Wallet With Cross Agenda Pen Set

This passport wallet is an ideal bulk gift for employees and business professionals. Made with fine quality leather the passport wallet has five slots to keep credit cards safe and multiple currency compartments. A perfect travel companion, the set is paired with a chic metal Cross agenda pen.

Corporate Gifts

Insignia A5 Planner With Cross Agenda Pen

Infuse an additional flair to the classic Cross pen by pairing it with their insignia A5 planner in this sophisticated gift set. The elegant design of the planner makes it easy to carry around and jot down points while the pen can be easily latched on the side making it a truly original gift.

Branded Promotional Gifts

Insignia Slim Cross Body Bag

This classic slim body bag by Cross is more than just your regular travel pouch. With a sleek design, this lightweight bag is ideal to store all your travel essentials. Offering space for personalization this stylish custom bag is an excellent corporate gift for clients.

Branded Company Gifts

CROSS Calais Chrome Ball Pen

A modern take on the classic Cross designs, the Calais range of ball pens is a refined design with chrome accents and a bold profile. This personalized pen by Cross is neatly packed in a sophisticated branded CROSS gift box, which is perfect for corporate gifting.

Branded Corporate Merchandise

CROSS Classic Century 10Kt Rolled Gold Ball Pen

An iconic product by Cross, the classic century 10Kt rolled gold ball pen is the epitome of class and style. Created with distinctive features and a beautiful gold luster, this is gift speaks for itself.

Branded Corporate Swag

CROSS Edge Jet Black Roller Ball Pen

Branded Company Swag

Bold and beautiful. Cross's edge jet-black roller ball pen has been designed with a balance of smooth writing and ergonomic design. Powder coated with a satin black finish and polished chrome center the symmetry of the pen is a pleasure to hold and have. A perfect corporate gift by CROSS for professional and personal gifting.

Insignia Compact Zip Around Wallet

This classic black compact zip wallet by Cross is a stylish accessory that is ideal to store all your travel essentials. Available in two sizes: compact and mini, it can be easily carried in your hand and is also a great fashion accessory. An ideal appreciation gift to give female employees as events favors and personal gifts.

Branded Promotional Swag

Origami Collapsible Bag

The Origami collapsible bag by Cross is the perfect tote bag for gifting female employees and executives. This chic leather bag is easy to fold and carry around making it perfect for everyday use and travel. Offering plenty of storage space, this urban bag is an excellent gifting choice.

Branded Corporate Merch

Classic Century Slim Wallet and Agenda Pen Set

Mixed and matched together from a selection of pens and wallets, Cross puts together a classic leatherette slim wallet and a stylish ballpoint pen for brands to gift. Made with premium quality leather the wallet features eight credit card slots and two currency compartments. Packed in a luxurious cross-embossed box, both the wallet and pen offer room for making it an ideal gift set for corporate gifting.

Corporate Swag

Insignia Credit Card Case

A neat and chic credit card case is a great corporate gift by Cross. Made of high-quality leather, the case has three credit card slots and space to tuck in some spare cash. A great travel accessory for those who like to travel light and smooth!

Purchasing the right gift online can be a real task especially when you are unable to verify the quality in person. But with a brand like Cross that offers manufacturing warranty and guarantees premium quality products, it makes online corporate gifting a tad bit easy. A brilliant and clever way to leave an impression Cross provides effective online corporate gifting solutions for businesses across the globe.



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