If you're looking for new ideas to spice up this year's round of employee gifting, look no further than this list curated by 5by7.in for a great collection that will improve employee interest in your business.

Characteristics of Excellent Employee Engagement Gift Ideas

Employee gifts become worthwhile when they can inspire your staff and show them how much you value them, particularly if they:

- Are helpful in everyday life. Your employee engagement programme should provide as many valuable things as possible for them to become an integral part of anyone's daily life.
- Have a high level of consistency. Even if they are low-cost pieces, they should be made of high-quality materials and well-designed.
- Encourage employee well-being. Since not everyone needs to be aware of work, things that are ideal for personal life, such as unique care products or products that promote relaxation, are excellent for reestablishing the delicate balance of professional and personal life.

‍Staff Engagement Gifts: 8 Great Options to Consider

Here are eight themed sets to suggest giving to your employees. Each one has been carefully selected to bring cheer and comfort to the hardworking employees of your company:

1. Offer a Relax and Rejuvenate Package

Employees who work hard deserve to be recognised, and this choice would make them feel as if their outstanding performance is still valued at work. A pampering package is always a sure winner when it comes to easy employee engagement ideas – particularly if you have anything for each of the senses. It's always a wonderful feeling at the end of a productive workday to know that a relaxing and rejuvenating me-time at home is always available.

Employee Engagement

2. Perform a Swag Drop

A swag drop is one of the most robust employee recognition ideas for big corporations. Customised company swag is always a success, and since you can do it on a variety of practical, everyday things, you know it will meet some need or purpose in your employees' daily lives.

Staff Engagement

3. Virtual Team Exercise

Working out and fitness have already been on many people's minds due to the pandemic, so sending over a package of exercise and wellness treats to accompany the next Employee Appreciation Day 2021 is a brilliant idea. Employee engagement ideas that are actionable have become more relevant these days, so planning a virtual workout is a perfect way to stay in touch, cultivate closer relations with your team, and help express your commitment to keeping them safe and involved – all in a remote environment.

Employee Gifts

4. Organize a Virtual Game Day or Night

This assortment is ideal for employee appreciation gift baskets and complements a variety of remote employee engagement events. This is all about taking time off to have fun with colleagues in the spirit of friendly competition, fantastic music, and delicious drinks!

Corporate Gifts

5. Send a Snack Box

It's a thoughtful pick-me-up that your workers can share with friends and family (or enjoy entirely on their own!) that shows you care – even on a budget.

Employee Appreciation

6. Send a Book

A great book makes an excellent gift, whether given on its own or as part of employee appreciation gift baskets. If you're lost for a book to go with a greeting card with employee appreciation terms, consider best-selling titles that are more or less related to what that employee does or is interested in.

Brand Merchandise

7. Send a Savory Snack Box

Do you need more employee recognition ideas for big corporations or for mass distribution? A limited selection of pantry staples from the kitchen should suffice. They're ideal for a short snack or a delicious appetiser before a fancy at-home meal. Furthermore, it is unquestionably more appealing (and therefore more elevated) than a box of safe yet bland supermarket staples.

Gift for Office Staff

8. Give a Gift Card

Since you can allow your employee the right to choose what they want or need, a gift card is maybe the best and most potent staff appreciation idea during COVID. Gift cards are well-liked by almost all because they do not have expiry dates, allowing them to hold them on hand until they find anything they want or need to buy with them.

Gifts for Employees

Ideas for Increasing Employee Engagement: Seeking Professional Assistance

Employee appreciation gifts will enhance the team engagement activities if the material products are carefully chosen – we cannot emphasise this enough. If you want to be confident that each item is a good option, you should seek assistance from experienced corporate gifting clients such as 5by7. 5by7's knowledge and experience in selecting targeted and personalised gifts for employee gifting ensure clients that each gift is highly appreciated and has the most significant possible effect. Because of 5by7's range of high-quality, current gift products from the best name brands, you'll always be assured and feel good about the types of employee gifts you offer.

Get in touch with the 5by7 team today to know how you can curate out of the box corporate gifts!
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