Employee kits are usually given as ‘onboarding kits’ to welcome new employees to the company. It’s Day 1 on their new job, along with anxiety, nervousness, and excitement a lot is riding on that first-day experience. As a brand, you can either gift them a pleasant experience or leave them wandering in an unfamiliar environment.

If you want to make sure your new team members feel welcomed, don’t leave it up to chance. Leave an onboarding employee kit at their desk to help set the stage as they embark on a new journey with you. Studies show that companies approximately spend $4129 on a new hire and 42 days to find the right fit. With these 5 tips in place you can ensure your efforts reap the ripest fruit:

Be Engaging

One of the biggest advantages of a smartly curated employee welcome kit is the power to strike brand engagement and pride. Keep it simple with informative paperwork that educates new hires about the company culture, emergency contact numbers and confidentiality agreements. But along with this add a touch of technological necessities.

Ogilvy curates clever employee onboarding kits that are designed to help newbies along with giving a peek into the company culture.

Corporate Kits


Usefulness is key but going the extra mile when designing an onboarding kit can go a long way to promote brand loyalty. Including innovative resource tools that employees use daily will be both fun and unexpected.

Content Park, a content and blogging company welcomes new employees with a unique onboarding kit. It includes a mix of office staples, branded accessories, and a fitness tracker.

Welcome Kits

Exude Warmth

Studies show that new employees face a feeling called ‘belonging uncertainty’ in the first couple of months at their workplace.  Thoughtful employee welcome kits are a great way to help them combat this experience. Include a warm handwritten welcome note or a personalized service to acclimatize new joiners.

London based digital transformation firm, TH_NK does personalization better than everyone else. Besides including a handwritten note, a kindle, and other welcome staples they pair the new employee with an office buddy. This provides an excellent way to break the ice and help the new team member approach other co-workers.

Company Promotional Kits

Add an Element of Fun

Make an onboarding kit practical, informative and fun. With the first two in place, companies often lag on excitement. Today’s millennials are often really excited to join a new company; you don’t want to bore them with only manuals and pens. This doesn’t mean you cannot make a solid brand impression.

Element Three, a marketing agency curates some seriously fun swag for their new employees. Cleverly packed in a box are informative papers like the building map, a letter, parking details and a checklist of the things to accomplish in the coming month. But along with it is a cool branded hoodie, a fidget spinner, enamel pins, and other office swag.

Promotional Kits

Stay Unique

Employees love working for a cool company and often promote the brand on social media organically. Imagine opening a box that includes problem-solving toys, reading material, personalized office equipment, a camera and more? It sounds exciting right!

LabRats, an advertising company that focuses on the scientific and creative aspects of the industry uses this onboarding kit to welcome new hires. Not only is the box unique but it also strikes a balance between the brand's vision and their expectations from the employees.

Employee Kits

Our Takeaway

Always remember onboarding can be a stressful time for new employees. And as a company, you can make it both informative and fun for them. We at 5by7, offer customized and basic employee kits for companies who encourage creativity in design, products or even both.



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