Business gifts also more commonly known as ‘promotional products’ in the corporate circle have long been used by brands during marketing campaigns and promotional events. Tactile brand marketing may seem like a tool from the past, but their effective memorability makes them evergreen mediums of brand awareness.

When it comes to using economical methods for lead generation, even global players resort to business gifts to draw attention to their brand. As recorded by PPAI, 94% of people remember where they received their promotional gift from, while 83% like receiving promotional products that serve an advertising purpose.

So if you are looking for reasons to give a business gift to your customer, here we are convincing you to take the plunge if you haven’t already:

Value Driven

Customized Business Gifts

Not every brand has the bandwidth like an Amazon or Google when earmarking budgets for their marketing strategy. But that’s the beauty of business gifts; they serve an excellent value for money. 22% of people have admitted to keeping business gifts because they support the brand. With already loyal customers like these even shamelessly budget-friendly items like USBs, logo engraved pens and keychains generate positive referrals.

Brands like NIKE often use logo branded caps as a measure to boost brand image and encourage their audiences to share images sporting their freebies on social media!

Customer Experience

Custom Business Gifts

Customer experience is a key influencing factor for brands looking to establish a lasting connection with their audiences. In an increasingly competitive market brands today are focusing on changing consumer behaviors that are willing to switch for free promotional gifts. 28% of people admit to keeping promotional gifts because it stirs a memorable experience with the brand.

A business gift given at seminars to attendees strikes a resounding connection of a time they participated and learned with the brand.


Tailored Business Gifts

One of the most staggering points of giving business gifts is to lure audiences with design. Attractive promotional products drive a massive 83% impact on people who resonate with a positive impression of the brand. While 81% keep the product because of its usefulness in their life.

No matter the size or scale of your business, if your gift is functional it will serve a positive purpose by gaining awareness and stirring an interest amongst potential customers.

Instant Brand Recognition

Branded Business Gifts

The secret motive behind giving business gifts is brand recognition. Branded freebies like a logo embossed coffee mug or t-shirt that customers use daily boost brand awareness. As seen by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), business gifts serve the purpose of a business card in a more memorable way.

A solid medium of marketing, 76.1% of audiences could recollect the name of an advertiser after receiving a business gift as compared to 53.5% who read about them in a newspaper or magazine.

Loyal Relationships

Personalized Business Merchandise

Business gifts help brands establish a positive reinforcement with a customer that is reciprocated with repeat business. A subtle unsaid relationship between the giver and receiver fosters a loyal bond that is pivotal in the case of a first-time brand experience. People associate positively with unique, quality business gifts because it aligns their ideals with the brand.

If you are looking for great business gifts to give, we at 5by7 can help you curate engaging products. It’s a great marketplace for businesses to find bulk branded gifts at affordable prices.



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