A 12,000 crore industry in India alone, “corporate gifts” are ubiquitous in today’s business driven world. Yet modern employers face the trauma of giving useless gifts. From event swags to promotional freebies, whatever it is, some corporate gifts are great and some are just a waste of money. So as a “giver” how does one ensure that their gift does not end up in a donation pile?

For businesses that have a tradition of giving- client gifts, promotional merchandise, employee welcome gifts, event swags and more, the trouble is real. In other words, you may end up thinking twice before bulk ordering t-shirts or water bottles as a corporate giveaway.

So cut the chase because there are 5 brilliant reasons why customized bags make the best corporate gift:

It’s unisex

Corporate Gifts

Buying corporate gifts in itself is a challenge, let alone the task of buying in bulk. Then there is the hassle of buying gender specific gifts for promotional events or conferences, where the number of attendees can fluctuate. A bag in this scenario makes for the perfect corporate gift to give both men and women. This multifunctional backpack can be customized and used as the perfect corporate giveaway by brands as promotional merchandise.

It’s the sweet child of luxury and practicality

Promotional Bags

Two most important factors to consider when giving a corporate gift are quality and presentation. Corporate gifts are all about creating a branded experience that a receiver can cherish. No matter who you are or what you do, a bag is the perfect blend of luxury and practicality. Since there are different varieties of bags, use a chic leather laptop bag as a premium corporate gifting for clients and business executives. Opt for a faux leather bag for bulk gifting to employees and staff.

Easy to customize

Customized Bags

71% of people claim they could name the company that gave them corporate gifts. If this number doesn’t work in favor of positive branding, what will? Bags are functional, durable and easy to customize corporate gifts that will remind the recipient about the company even after an event is over. Add your company logo out loud or go subtle on the promotions, your call. This wide sling bag is available online, has ample of customization space and retains the product’s natural elegance.

Travel-friendly corporate gift

Corporate Gifts

A forgotten art by companies today is to be considerate, even when giving a free gift. This kind of thought goes a long way in the business world with both employees and clients. We live in a global world where the modern workforce is constantly on the move. With employees traveling more than ever, this compact, durable and customizable travel duffle bag is an excellent branded corporate gift to give.

Don’t forget about- a brand’s belief

Company Swag

Corporate gifts help brands make an impression. As a modern business today, it is important to boost local talent, eco-friendly products and use more sustainable gift options. This eco-friendly jute tote bag is both durable and reusable. Supporting local resources by giving green gifts at events help create awareness on pressing issues of conservation and boosts a brands name.

The beauty of a gift lies in the eyes of the beholder. Fact! But in a practical world where clients and employees already have over ten branded mugs, it’s time to think out of the box. Kick the cliches and give thoughtful corporate gifts that leave a lasting impression. Check out some more chic branded bags online, here.



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