In this day and age of social media pervasiveness and ever-increasing email interaction, choosing to welcome your client or a new employee with a personalized welcome kit can make a tremendous difference to your brand.

We thought of summarizing some of our experiences that helped companies do this as effectively as possible.

1. Choose Products Wisely & Add a Punch of Personalized Surprise!

Let us begin by saying that personalization here does not necessarily mean just getting your client's name laser etched or embossed on the gifts inside the box.

This can be hard particularly if you are treading on a tight budget or if the products are hard to be customized. There are several other ways of doing this.

Writing a personalized thank you note is a great way, to begin with. Here are some useful pins to get you started with this. Another way personalization can be achieved is by putting one thing in the box that is relevant directly either for client's brand or the client himself/herself.

If you haven't found this one thing yet, we highly recommend spending some time researching your client's interests, hobbies etc.

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2. Advance Planning Makes Unit Economics Work & Execution Easy!

The importance of this can never be overstated particularly if you have to stay confined within a certain budget. We will emphasize this all along the way simply because we see so many folks still struggling with this.

List down how many on-boarding you expect to do at least for next six months if predicting it for the year is difficult and get cracking with shortlisting products.

There will always be certain things that you might put in the welcome kit last minute but as much as possible ordering things in bulk helps.

Will the gifts be hand-delivered or shipped- another crucial thing to figure out early as this will determine how sturdy your packing material has to get.

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3. Use Reusable Packing!

This is highly recommended. Use packing materials such as soft cotton bags, canvas pouches, board boxes etc. and put a small note or imprint on the packing highlighting ways in which the packing can be re-used and not just thrown away.

Hint- jewelry case, trousseau box, coin change collector etc. Haven't you seen so many of those nut-case boxes by Indigo Airlines put to use in so many in-genuine ways at home? :)

Some of our clients continue to use the packing boxes from our curated leather box collection as desk storage boxes. For inspiration on packing ideas check out the Die-Line blog.

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4. Get Your Client To Make Some Noise About Your Surprise Package

And finally, If your customers liked the welcome package you put together for them, gently asking them to tweet or put a social media post with a recognizable hashtag is not a bad idea.

There is no reason why someone will put this request down if you have floored them with your gesture. Dayna Rothman at Everstring penned down a blog post immediately after receiving a welcome package from Vidyard creating shareable content which got this welcome gesture noticed.

Another example we recall is the campaign #OperaCoastSurprise put together by folks at 5by7, where the recipients of a surprise package from Opera Software tweeted creating instant shareable content. Sounds just the right thing to do!

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