Without further ado, I give you my top strategies to get more responses out of your cold emails.

1. Type the Killer Email Copy and Of course the Subject!

No brainer isn't it? So instead of preaching its importance, we are going to straightaway list some useful resources on this one. In no order of importance:

Some awesome email template generator.

Excellent Compilation of On-Boarding/Customer Servicing Emails
We earlier reported this in our post.

and this one is a total game changer.

2. Timing of the Email

I recently had to send a follow-up email to a prospect in a different time zone so I scheduled it to a time the prospect would report to the desk as I wanted the email to be amongst the first ones she gets in the morning.

As soon as I opened my email editor and entered her email address, my Hubspot sales integrator (earlier Known as Sidekick) alerted me about her tweet announcing she was having a productive time at a conference in London.

Because this email was just a follow-up email (and not time critical) I held myself back from hitting the send button and scheduled for a few days later. I just did not see any value in bothering her in the middle of a conference, particularly since this was going to be a checking in the email.

I was sure my email would have gone unanswered. Choosing the right time to send an email has a massive upside.

Chances of it getting opened are extremely high. Integrating intelligent email tools that instantly alert you of your prospect's social media updates is super helpful in not just timing your email but also altering the content to show your interest.

We posted about the Sidekick tool a few days and highly recommend the free chrome plug-in it offers.

3. Everybody Loves Humor, Go Ahead and GIF-IFY Your Email!

Content Marketing

While GIFs have been around for a very long time now, Facebook first went GIF friendly only around last year. Ever since then, GIFs usage in email copy exploded.

Some brands have used them very effectively in communicating more about their products by incorporating them in email marketing. But only recently, GIFs emotional appeal is being used proactively in even personal emails and why not?

They break the monotonicity of a simple text email, help capture the recipients' attention and trust me on this one; if the GIF is funny, it sure establishes that the sender has some sense of humor: Unmistakably a great way to break the ice!

Our top pick to search for some awesome GIFs or even make one on your own is on Giphy.com.

To summarize, emails remain the essential sales techniques to master, even a small increase in your response rate can have a significant impact. Always keep improving your email, try different things and don't forget the above 3 tips.



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