Sales is tough, incredibly tough! There is pressure, uncertainty, and fear that can leave you sick in the stomach, gasping for breath.

This triggers a self-feeding unproductive loop. Tools that can drive up your productivity a few notches up are more than welcome, especially if give a boost to the sales team.

If you are stuck in this flux, take a look at some of the tools that are incredibly beneficial for your sales team. Go ahead and given them a spin!

1. I am sick of email bounce BACKS...!

Yes, that's true. All of us feel like this. Work incredibly hard in creating the email list only to find buried in a massive tonnage of email bounce backs.

This awesome tool by Email Hunter has the fix. It aggregates all email addresses available on the internet for your target company and throws up results (that can be CSV exported) within seconds.

At-least you get an accurate shot at the right email format! Give a shout out to the founders on their twitter here- @fgrante & @antoinefink

Bonus-Donut- once you build up the list trying validating the addresses at Kickbox

2. Writer's block i.e. I can't get to right...err...write..the perfect EMAIL COPY..!

The Good Folks at the Good Email Copy created this "thank-god for this compilation" list; a summary of all great welcome/customer service/onboarding emails etc. etc. that are sent by some of the most successful startups (& some soon to be successful).

3. TRACK your email's PERFORMANCE in real time..!

You built the perfect email list, wrote an amazing cold email copy. Now comes watching it how it performs.

We're a big fan of Sidekick, a Hubspot sales tool that integrates with your Gmail and even has a chrome plugin. This ain't snooping because everything is fair in the game of crushing your bottomline!

4. Product videos are not the future anymore...they are the PRESENT!

If our Facebook timelines are any of proof of this, then the future has arrived. Startups are shunning tons of text, presentations etc. and are adopting explainer videos to pitch themselves.

Startup Videos & Hubspot has an incredibly good collection of some of the best explainer videos out there. Shakr & Vidyard are two awesome tools to try out to speed up your explainer videos.

5. Lastly, discover HOT COMPANIES to get them in your SALES FUNNEL..!

We are going to end this right where the chase starts! Finding the right companies to go after. The usual wild goose chase begins with spending plenty of time on Techcrunch..Linkedin..CrunchBase and plethora of other sites.  

Our top pick is Mattermark. This company has taken company discovery to whole new level with its coverage of startups, with data not just limited to funding but also around its growth metrics.

Find out companies that are really growing fast enough to pay for your subscription.



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