“The devil is in the details, but so is salvation”
Hyman G. Rickover

One of the most significant trends in the last decade in marketing has been the importance of design in marketing. The Steve Jobs led design-first approach now is the holy grail in building a successful product.

See, the most successful brands and marketers realize that details in design and marketing are everything. Just like that small investment made every now and then, design too compounds over every little thing we do.

When I say design - I mean the details, the communication, packaging, experience; everything around your product or campaign.

A few years ago, while walking in CP, I entered this gorgeous BMW showroom, I couldn’t afford anything there except the free merchandise. While I admired it, two things happened; first I was educated on what quality & design mean and second, I was a fan for life.

Almost everything we do as marketers is about inspiring action. This could be making a purchase, showing interest, influencing others or even keeping fit as we saw from the DHL Box we did recently for their employees.

We’ve put together, some of the products that inspired action, where design and details were key and which we are proud to say were produced at 5by7.

Promotional Product Ideas

Launching next month in our new 2018 catalog is this sleek Aiko Card Wallet. We have developed over 100 new leather accessories with Japanese minimalism in mind.

Corporate Gifting Ideas

Our Bar Set is ready to make a comeback this season.

Corporate Gifts

Promotional pens are going to get an upgrade with our new catalog. The metal varnished pens come in 9 different colors.

wine opener

This wine opener was developed for Campo Viejo launch. The Spanish wine needed a Value Added Packaging offer and this surely did inspire action.

Metal clip wristband

Metal clip wristband for all fans on BMW M range.

lapel pins

High-quality enamel lapel pins, lots of intricate details and design.

Vintage backpack

Vintage backpack from our new range, launching this August.

Lexus media folio
media folio

We developed this media folio for the Lexus India launch.

Custom curated sets

Custom curated sets are always a hit. This concept was developed for Ballantine's whiskey.

Corporate Sales Diary

Corporate Sales Diary for BMW team.



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