If there is one thing that is true, it is that everyone loves receiving gifts. I personally love the concept of gift giving and have often spent unreasonable amounts of money on things that probably were passed on further as gifts. Only to realize that I don't really need to spend ostentatious amounts to impress others.

Dock connectors, mini headphones, prism flasks and seven other products that are screaming, ‘hello! Buy me!'

Just remember, it's not the size of the gift that makes an impact, it is the thought. Customized gifts can be unique irrespective of their cost. So without further ado, here are my affordable gift ideas to help you move up the ladder:

Foldable Light Backpack (INR 871)

The Foldable Light Backpack is a multipurpose and pocket-friendly corporate gift for clients and employees. Made with premium quality American denier material, the backpack is your best friend for everyday office and occasional travel outings. With multiple storage compartments and logo customization available, this is a durable gift option for all.

Foldable Light Backpack

Prism Flask (INR 578)

In an era where professionals are always on the move, thrills and challenges are inevitable. But with our high-quality steel body prism flask, it's easy to stay refreshed with your favorite beverage! The stainless steel body is sturdy and safe to hold your drink for long durations while the spill-proof cap ensures you always have a drink when you need it. Great looks and an even greater price, our prism flask is a great bulk gift for employees.

Prism Flask

Portronics Dock Micro USB Connectors (INR 702)

Whoever said cool corporate gifts that go easy on the pocket are pretty hard to find did not know where to look! Our Portronics Dock Micro USB Connector is an easy and effective way to charge, sync and place your smartphone. Ideal for office and home settings, just connect it to a power supply and enjoy the ease of lightning speed power transfer. It can also be tilted and adjusted for an ideal eye-screen phone-viewing angle.

Micro USB Connectors

Powerbank & Leather Card Holder (INR 773)

Usually, when we think of unique personalized gifts for clients, there are the clichéd branded paperweights and so on. But do you really want to be the one to give a purposeless gift? No right. So here is our two-in-one power bank and leather cardholder that has you covered for all your business trips.

Leather Holder

Motorola Pulse 2 Wired (INR 609.75)

The Motorola Pulse 2 Wired headphones come with an amalgamation of performance with style. Power packed with 36mm speaker drivers now it's easy to enjoy your favorite beats through superior and clear sound quality. The ergonomic and compact design of the headphones makes portability extremely convenient. With endless features like hands-free calling, feather-light weight, supreme comfort and exemplary sound quality, these are the best headphones to make your musical journey a dynamic one! Avail up to 55% off on bulk orders to get the best price for the product.

Wired Headphones

Portonics Saga VR (INR 710.50)

With our Portonics Saga VR, anyone can experience virtual reality for as little as INR 710! A widely appreciated and unique gift, our VR headset is lightweight, portable and convenient to carry around. Pair smartphones with screen sizes ranging from 4.6 to 6 inches both Android and iOS. Tech aficionado or not, these are the best headsets for gifting top executives and managers in the industry. Get 30% off on the retail price for bulk orders of over 1000 pieces.

Virtual Reality

German Fusion Wood (INR 643.14)

Made with superior quality walnut wood, our range of German fusion pens are instruments crafted with fine luxury. Culminated with stainless steel and wood, the elegant design is a unique corporate gift to make a mark. The fusion collection is big on modern style and versatility for a bolder, fuller write out. Brass chrome plated tip and twist action function, this chic pen is also available in Carbon black. Get the best price for branded pens online by placing bulk orders here.

Fusion Wood

Bamboo Organizer (INR 712.40)

Our Bamboo Organizer is as awesome as it sounds! A sturdy and ornamental organizer made from environmentally friendly bamboo, this storage organizer will help keep your desk tidy and essentials within easy reach. A great-customized gift for employees and managers, brands can personalize and use them as appreciation giveaways. To reap maximum benefit on the retail price, bulk orders of 2000 will fetch you a discount of 60%!

Bamboo Organizer

Copper Julip Glass (INR 662. 40)

Coming back into fashion are copper utensils, not just because of their traditional visual appeal but also because of the innumerable health benefits it offers. Our Copper Julip Glass is a unique personalized gift idea for brands to give as holiday merchandise to clients and employees. Like wine, copper products get better with age. Order a bulk quantity of 1000 pieces to avail an overwhelming discount of 60% on the retail price!

Copper Julip Glass

7-in-1 Phone Stand Set (INR 726.60)

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But we won't let that happen to you, our 7-in-1 Phone Stand Set will help elevate your mood and is a great stress buster. An ideal corporate gift for employees, the set is made with colorful building blocks. You can rearrange and make your own pen pot; phone stand or anything your creative mind can come up with. Brands can personalize the block with a brand name or logo to create an engaging promotional giveaway! Discounts from 57% to 65% are up for grabs on bulk orders only!

Phone Stand Set

Our list of 10 gifts are not only reasonable alternatives for high-end corporate gifting but also are specially curated to improve employee productivity, create brand engagement and stickiness in the market.



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